Nutritional Guidelines

These are recommended guidelines only. Nutritional needs may vary depending on your individual flock needs. Please consult your feed agent.
Nutritional Guidelines – Cornish Cross Giants.
0-3 Weeks – 20% medicated chick starter recommended
3-11+ Weeks – 16% medicated poultry grower (complete commercial feed) or 38% medicated poultry supplement mixed with rolled good quality wheat. If not using complete feed keep birds on chick starter to 3 weeks. At day 22 change to 16% poultry grower and gradually over the next 2 weeks change over to your own ration.As soon as you feed grain the birds need access to grit.

*** When making your own feed mixture keep in mind the protein level of the grain. You must have the level of 16% protein. So better quality grain the less supplement you may have to use. In a 50 bushel mix mill use 8 bags of 35% poultry supplement and wheat. That mixture is used with high protein wheat. Make sure there is grit always available. If using barley or oats make sure it is clean of hulls and make sure you use it only with wheat and add enough supplement to get a 16% protein level. Wheat or corn is the most successful grain used for poultry, but other grains may be used. Oats is one grain that we recommend that may be used as a scratch grain, and not as a complete diet.
Nutritional Guidelines – Egg Layers
0-4 Weeks – 20% medicated chick starter per .
4-14 Weeks – 16% medicated poultry grower (complete commercial feed) or 35% medicated poultry supplement with good quality rolled wheat.
14-18 Weeks – 16% non medicated poultry grower (complete commercial feed) or35% non medicated poultry supplement good quality rolled wheat.
18 Weeks and up – 16% layer ration (complete commercial feed) or 40% layer supplement with wheat.
*** Remember when mixing your own feed make sure the level of protein is the same. Each year the grain protein is different so make sure you are thinking of this when mixing your feed, also make sure oystershell is added to the diet for eggshell quality.
All birds need grit when using your own grains so don’t forget to add through out their life. Check out the FAQ page and the Care of Chicks page for more info on raising and please call Russell for more information or questions that you may have.
Northern Snail Shells – “Tested and Proven”
Natures natural products for promoting good health and bone structure for all poultry, chicks, ducks, etc.  An excellent easily digestible calcium source.  Analysis 35% calcium.  A handful over feed two or three times per week.  For pet birds place in cage in a small tray.
When you need some poultry advise, please call Berg’s Hatchery.
Berg’s have 60 years of experience in rearing poultry, every new year brings new changes.   New technology, scientific research and better controls have brought the poultry business into a new era.  Today’s flocks are bread for higher egg and meat production, they do required more specialized care and management. We have stayed inline with these changes and we encourage and will assist all of our customers do the same.

Also see Care of Berg’s Chicks and F.A.Q.s