We guarantee that all Berg’s chicks, ducklings and poults are produced from eggs supplied by strong healthy government approved breeding flocks.  All Berg’s breeder flocks are from the best basic breeding stock found in North America. We can not assume responsiblility for any disease outbtreak after chicks or poults leave our premises or for any disease which cannot be detected before delivery.  This guarantee does not cover accidents or improper care.  Under no circumstances shall our liability or claims of any kind exceed the original price of the stock ordered.  We guarantee 95% accuracy on all our sexed-chick order.  Any sexing errors in chicks should be reported before seven weeks


1.  It is agreed and understood that upon delivery at the place designated for delivery by the purchaser, and as shown, the purchaser shall be deemed to have examined and accepted the birds herein referred to.

2.  We cannot for any reason whatsoever be reponsible for any great extent that the invoice varies of the chicks or poults.