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These are the 2020 breeds. Our 2021 specialties have not been selected yet, so please keep checking back to see the updated website which should show our 2021 picks by early March.

Minimum order is 10 of each breed

OrpingtonBuff Orpington birds have rich golden buff plumage and are a popular brown egg laying, dual-purpose variety. Because they are loosely feathered, they appear to be much heavier than their true weight. The feathers are broad and smooth fitting on the deep body of this breed. They have a quiet disposition, make excellent mothers and are one of the most broody of all standard breeds. Buff Orpingtons have white skin so when finished laying can be butchered and have more eye appeal.

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Also known at the “Easter Egg Chicken”, this is a very popular bird for all those who love a great looking bird and a little fun when you’re cooking. The egg colours can be a variety of many shades such as green, blue, pink, white, brown or a blend of all of these colours. The feathers on this bird are also a mix of colours with white, brown, red and black feathers. Most birds have muffs covering their ears (tufts or feathers). These birds a have a good rate of lay and mature at about 6 lbs.
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Wyandottes, Gold and Silver (variety of both)

Gold-one of the most beautiful breeds we offer. Their feather pattern is a combination of rich golden brown laced with a greenish-black tipped feather. They have rose combs, and are good producers of brown eggs. Silver- These are truly magnificently colored birds. Their silvery white feathers, laced with black make them a most attractive bird in your barnyard. They are heavy producers of large brown eggs Wyandottes produce 200 medium brown eggs per year.


A Dutch breed known for its cold hardy, calm temperament and their production of dark reddish-brown eggs. They are a curious and intelligent breed suited well for backyards. Welsummer have a single comb and have very different plumage from male to female making them a unique addition to your flock. Welsummer produce 150-200 large dark brown eggs per year.


Originating from Holland this is a very cold tolerant breed. They are a gorgeous burnt orange with thick black lacing throughout. They are a medium-sized bird laying dark brown eggs. With their calm and easygoing temperament, they are an excellent choice for the backyard. Barnevelders produce 150-200 medium to large dark brown eggs per year.

These birds are a variety package. We have a number of breeds that are available. Sorry no choosing and they come unsexed only.
The following pictures are only a sample of the breeds that may be in the package. The purpose of this package is to give customers a good variety of fancy chickens without having to purchase a lot of birds.

Every Year we have over 30 varieties of Bantams in this package

Mille Fleur Booted Bantams

Golden Sebright Bantams

White Silkie Bantam

Black Tailed White Japanese Bantam

Buff Silkie Bantam

Frizzle Bantam

White Cochin Bantam

Old English Game

Golden Laced Wyandottes

This package may include different varieties of Japanese, different varieties of Silkies, Sebrights, Sultans, Frizzle Cochins, Bantam Cornish varieties.

The selection we offer in this package is never disappointing, we are very proud to offer so many varieties.

New Hampshire Reds
For outstanding vigor, size, uniform growth, early maturity, rapid full feathering, heavy egg production and large egg size, these MONEY MAKERS can’t be beaten. This fine strain produces large brown eggs with extra good shell texture and has a yellow skinned carcass free from dark pinfeathers.

Rhone Rhode Island Reds are an old time, well-known American breed, which was developed in the state of Rhode Island. A distinct characteristic of this breed is their horizontal, oblong body, which is deep, broad and long, sometimes described as “brick shaped”. They are an excellent dual-purpose bird that efficiently produces large brown eggs. From the time they are chicks until maturity, they may have white on the wing tips, but when they are fully matured they should not have any white feathers.

Barred Plymouth Rocks

One of the most popular brown egged dual purpose breeds. These birds are born black with a white spot on their head and as they grow the feathers become barred (black and white). They are a very docile bird with a good rate of lay. They are a dual purpose bird, so when they do slow down in lay they can be butchered for meat.

Variety Package option: What you will get is a variety of the above listed to make up an order of 10 chicks. The mix of chicks is chosen by hatchery, so please no specific requests, as we are not capable of getting all that done on a hatch day. This is just another option for people to get a small variety of the breeds we sell. Variety package…….(Min 10)…..13.50 each

(total of $135.00 for 10 chicks)

Specialty Birds

Available May 31 through June 4, 2021

Minimum order of 10 per breed or package

Ameraucanas – May 31 – June 4 $7.95 Each- mixed only
Barnevelders May 31 – June 4 $7.80 Each – mixed only
$ Each – mixed only

Wyandottes (Gold & Silver) May 31 – June 4

$7.80Each – mixed only

Welsummer May 31 – June 4

$7.80 Each – mixed only

Buff Orpingtons – May 31 – June 4

$7.80 Each – mixed only

Assorted Bantams – May 31 – June 4

$8.70 Each – mixed only
Rhode Island Reds – May 3 – 28 $6.05 Each – unsexed only
New Hampshire Reds – May 3 – 28 $7.15 Each – unsexed only
Barred Plymouth Rocks – May 3 – 28 $6.85 Each – unsexed only